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1. How to download a new plugin for SketchUp?


First, goto Look at the tab Customer Area and chose Login/Logout for the Service.

  • Please use your User Name and Password and login to the service. Once in the system please close the window and get back to the Customer Area on the Home screen.
  • Now choose Downloads for our Customers and you will receive a menu of optional downloads.
  • When you choose download for this extension then you will get to the download screen, please go ahead and download the plug-in, it will be required to unzip the file.Please note that the real filename will include a version number, so will look like sci_noise3Donline_v3.0.0.rbz when 3.0.0 is the latest release number.
  • Please note the name of the download folder for later reference in the SketchUp process when the plugin will be installed
  • The please launch SketchUp and follow the established process in SketchUp for loading a new extension.