Known Issues and Bugs

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1. Bug in SketchUp 2015 and earlier (May 24, 2016)

There are two windows in SketchUp 2015 and earlier which must never be open when you perform a noise calculation with noise3D, i.e. the Outliner Window and the Component Attributes Window. In case you leave those open then the noise map will not calculate and – worst case – SketchUp will abort. This issue does not exist with SketchUp 2016.

Therefore, we recommend that you upgrade to SketchUp 2016 or leave before mentioned two windows closed when initiating a single point or noise map calculation.

2. Error with the relative height of an area source which is ontop of a building

In version 3.0 the relative height of an area source placed ontop of a building is defined as 0, rather than the relative height of the building. For that reason the source is not visible because it is placed below the building. Please always edit the geometry of the area source accordingly, e.g. few centimeters higher than the building its sitting on. You should do that right away, however, it can be done later as well.

The problem will be resolved with version 3.1.