Quality of the Noise Calculation Results

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1. Quality of noise3D online Results

While we cannot guarantee the correctness of the results in all circumstances we can ensure you that every measure has been taken to create quality results.

There are two overarching reasons why you can trust the results of noise3D online

  • this service uses the exact same calculation engine as the proven MAPANDGIS desktop application. The engine is installed in may instances, primarily in Germany and Europe and has an outstanding reputation with its userbase
  • Sound pressure levels are calculated according to ISO 9613 and we have a Declaration of Conformity by Kramer Schalltechnik GmbH according to  ISO 17534. This declaration confirms that noise3D has been tested with a prescribed number of test cases (ISO 17534) and the results have been confirmed to be exactly as required
  • the service has key team members with university degrees and profiency in the field of acoustics and more specifically noise calculation, and a long professional experience