Our Companies

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noise3D is being developed by two German software and consultancy companies, i.e. the Kramer Schalltecnik GmbH and the Sonja Christiansen Informatik GmbH. Sales and Distribution of noise3D is by Kramer Schalltechnik GmbH.


Kramer Schalltechnik GmbH

Kramer Schalltechnik GmbH is active in the field of noise control engineering since the year 2000. The company is experienced in the areas of industrial, urban, traffic and recreational noise, as well as  urban development planning, building acoustics and room acoustics. A special business area is the software development which created a number of noise calculation solutions.

Kramer Schalltechnik GmbH is as well a certified measuring office according to German legislation § 29b BImSchG as well as VMPA noise control testing facility.

Our much satisfied customers are enterprises from various sectors, as well as governmental offices, small industries, large industries and event managment businesses.


Sonja Christiansen Informatik GmbH

SCI was founded in 1992 in Sankt Augustin Germany (close by Cologne) by the Information Technology professional Ms Sonja Christiansen.

The company has delivered successfully projects in the areas of

  1. turn key software development (desk top and web enabled/client-server)
  2. IT project management
  3. consultancy

More recently the focus has been on noise protection solutions.