MAPANDGIS – Purchase or Lease

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MAPANDGIS can be purchased as a single user license. The license may be installed on one or more PCs, however, the license use will be limited to a single user. In case more than one user requires a noise3D license then multiple licenses have to be aquired.

Type of License Rate* (€ Euro)
single user license (without traffic noise) 5.184
single user license (incl. traffic noise – road and rail) 6.300
Maintenance Contract
– monthly 75
– annual 750

Proceeding with the payment process will provide to you a MAPANDGIS license key which will be created automatically on your PC. In case you pay from a different PC than your working equipment you can activate the license on your working equipment through the MAPANDGIS tool.


You can also choose to lease MAPANDGIS. Lease payment will be on a monthly basis (e.g. September 15 – October 14) or annual basis. You will have two choices:


Lease Options Rate* (€ Euro)
MAPANDGIS without traffic noise
– monthly 144
– annual 1440
MAPANDGIS incl. traffic noise – road and rail
– monthly 175
– annual 1750
Maintenance Contract MAPANDGIS
– monthly 75
– annual 750

Proceeding with the payment process will unlock the MAPANDGIS calculation
process, immediately.


* Rates are excluding VAT which applies only to businesses in Germany or EU businesses not having provided a valid VAT Id.

By proceeding I confirm that I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Kramer Schalltechnik GmbH.

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