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The noise3D online program calculates outdoor sound propagation in accordance with Directive ISO 9613 (Part 1 and 2). Modeling is performed using the Trimble Navigation SketchUp® program. Below the functionality of the acoustic modeling program is described. Software manuals and instructional videos for SketchUp® are available on the manufacturer website. Furthermore, the relevant guidelines for the calculation and assessment of environmental noise are referenced.
The present version of noise3D online has been developed to calculate industrial and commercial noise. A module targetting traffic noise (road / rail) is planned for future development.

The various acoustic elements are stored in different layers, each of which are created automatically during the digitization process. All acoustic layer names end with _KS. The following is a list of primary layers. Any number of layers may be developed and used in the modeling. Names are listed as layer names, then model element.

Layer-Name Model Elements
PointSource_KS point source
LineSource_KS line source
AreaSource_KS horizontal surface source
vAreaSource_KS vertical surface source
Building_KS building
Screen_KS sound shield
Foliage_KS fouling
Bridge_KS bridge
Ground_KS soil property
LandUse_KS use
Receiver_KS immission
CalcArea_KS calculation area
Terrain_KS contour


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