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The noise3D “hard copy” manual fully reflects the content of the online manual available from the noise3D web site. Some annimation in the online manual may not be fully reflected. The manual is available in three formats which each have potentially some limitations.

PDF Format
The pdf format of the manual is the most straight forward format. It can be read and printed by any pdf reader. Typical examples are the Adobe Acrobat reader or some of the modern browsers (e.g. Firefox). However, it needs to be recognized that the file may be too large (400 MB) for a download across slow Internet connections.

Manual in PDF Format (400 MB)

ePub Format
The ePub format is very efficient for download (size of 16 MB). ePub is a format which can be downloaded and read on devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, or e-readers. A widely used software for reading ePub formats is the open source (free) solution Calibre which can be downloaded from the following site:  Calibre for WINDOWS PCs. Calibre allows the printing of the manual by reformatting to pdf.

The ePub format can as well be displayed by Freda. Freda is a free program for reading electronic books (ebooks) on Windows, e.g. thru their Microsoft Internet Explorer. Freda is available from following link Get Freda (Memo: when working with Freda it may be required to correctly define the ink color in fredas settings to allow for correct display of eBook content)

Manual in Ebook ePub Format (16 MB)

Mobi Format
The Mobi format is even more efficient for download (size of 12 MB). Mobi (or Mobipocket) is a format which can be down loaded and read on Amazon Kindle and WINDOS devices. The Mobi format can be read by Calibre (see above) as well.

Manual in Ebook mobi Format ( Kindle eReader) (12 MB)