How it works

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To proceed with a trial or take full advantage of our noise3D calculation service, you should take following steps:

  • In case you have not yet registered, please proceed here: registration
  • Download SketchUp® from the SketchUp homepage
  • Install SketchUp®
  • Login with your registered user name and Download our 64 bit calculation engine and the noise3D SketchUp® plugin here (and unzip): noise3D Software Download
  • Install the calculation engine
  • Start SketchUp® and install the noise3D extension (plugin). You have to close SketchUp® and start it again.
  • A detailed explanation of the steps with illustrations and screen shots is available in our Online Manual
  • You may now work with our noise3D service.
  • For a detailed description of the noise3D usage please click here: Online Manual
  • If you want to try our test model please download the zip-file  and unzip: Example
  • You want to see a short instruction in YouTube? Please proceed here: noise3D Installation
  • Before commencing with using noise3D please also consult our Forum & FAQs

As long as you have registered and not yet paid for the service you will operate in “trial mode”. This means that you will be able to fully test the “touch and feel” of the service, however, results have been falsified by the calculation engine. Therefore, when proceeding with a real project, then please also

Before payments are being made please also consult our prices and conditions page