Business Concept

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noise3D provides to our customers a convenient way of assessing noise levels in commercial and industrial environments.

To calculate sound propagation outdoor, the geometry of buildings and obstacles and the position of the noise source and immission points have to be defined. This is generally the most elaborate part of the processing. The version of the  SketchUp und noise3D für Lärmberechnung  program of Trimble Navigation Limited offers the possibility of a comfortable input of geometry data.
After recording the specific noise data using input masks, the calculation can be started. Calculations are made according to the directive DIN ISO 9613-2. The results are stored on your PC. Both, tabular results, and colored noise maps are generated. Of course, the results can also be printed clearly or passed on to other applications. As an example, a noise map can be included in a presentation or a result table can be processed in a spreadsheet. With the solution noise3D this is done by just a few clicks.

noise3D allows cost-effective working. No investment in expensive special software is required. You either purchase a PC license or you may pay on a monthly basis, i.e. billing is based on actual usage.