Introduction to Free Calculation

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On this site we are offering two tools which are pretty usefull in the daily work of noise experts. The tools are available for free and registration is not required.

Just try some simple calcs like adding up two or more sound power levels in our Toolbox, its very easy and convenient ! Help required? Just send us a short note through our contact form.

Rough Noise Prediction

The rough noise forecast provides a simple calculation method for noise immissions in accordance with TA noise.
Six main windows are used. Data independent of the immission points is entered in the window EMISSION. The other five windows are provided for five selectable immission points. You can perform the calculation using coordinates or simply using distances.

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Spectren Toolbox

Our toolbox offers various ways to handle octave spectra:

  • energetic addition and subtraction of multiple spectra
  • energetic averaging of multiple spectra
  • numerical addition of multiple spectra
  • numerical addition and numerical subtraction of values
  • A, B, and C-weighting of spectra

The extension to third-octave spectra is planned.

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Further free tools are under development.

Please note that we assume no liability for the correctness of the calculations!